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Khilkhet, Dhaka, Bangladesh-1229


I am Mamun Rahman as a Local SEO Expert In Bangladesh. I can honestly say that I have been working in this world for the last 8 years. My job is to bring your business to the top of Google search page.

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I have been more than 8 years in Local SEO industries, And have help more than 40 companies to grow their business

Mamun Rahman

Who is Mamun Rahman?

Mamun Rahman is a Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh. I have been working successfully in this sector for many years and have managed to rank many local businesses. If you want to expand your business then tell me I will help you. Because I’ve ranked many businesses on the front page of Google as their favorite keyword.

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Experience of Mamun Rahman

I have been working on Local SEO for over 8 years and I have worked with many people on their local business and I have ranked their site. I started from freelancing marketplace then I started giving local SEO service and now i am giving local SEO service through my site.

If you are worried about your web site then you can tell me I can give you a free audit.





Local SEO Consultant

From 2018 to the present I am working as a Professional Local SEO Expert.


Senior SEO Expert

Towards the end of 2017 I moved out of the marketplace. And since the beginning of 2018 I have been working with a few companies as a Senior Local SEO Expert.


Freelance Marketing

I started working with many US and UK clients from Marketplace, and I was able to rank their local businesses.

Why You Need To Hire An Local SEO Expert ?

Nowadays it is very important to have a website for your business because it increases the value of your brand many times. And if you have a website, your customers will find you very easily in Google. In this way the business gets many new clients every month. However, for this, your web site must be in the first path of Google, and this work is basically done by SEO experts. An SEO expert can Google your site and User for your client It can help you to be friendly. This will make your site rank on the first page of Google and you will get many new clients every month.

Nowadays online campaign has become very popular in the market of Bangladesh, the most effective formula in this case is SEO because it is the only solution to get your targeted client. But in many cases many business owners do not know what SEO is, this is why there is a great need for a Local SEO Expert. Sometimes it is seen that many people do SEO work with little experience and in this case the loss is more than the profit.

They think that Local SEO means just showing business online but they don’t know how to rank online business by following many rules of Google’s Local SEO. Google has many algorithms for managing local SEO rankings. The most talked about of these are Google Panda and Penguin. The job of this algorithm is to scroll through your site to see if all the rules and regulations are followed correctly. Basically check all the information of your business is given correctly. Besides, there are many other factors that I will talk about in another blog.

That’s why I want to say directly that you put your business in the hands of a Local SEo expert. A local SEO expert will be able to rank your site on the first page of Google, This will increase the organic traffic of your site to your site many times every month and at the same time your business will double. As a Local SEO expert in Bangladesh, Mamun Rahman can help you to rank your site.

Who is the Most local SEO Expert In Bangladesh ?

Most Local SEo expert In bangladesh
  • Who do you think is the best and most experienced local SEO Expert in Bangladesh?
  • Then I would like to say directly that Mamun Rahman is the most Local SEO expert in Bangladesh. So far I have worked with about 200 companies and some of them are from Bangladeshi companies and many clients from USA and UK.
  • Now if you also want to expand your business or new clients every month then you can also take the services from an SEO expert, this will increase your business or sales many times. And you can tell me about the sales of the business and the improvement of the value of the brand.
  • Besides, the 200 companies I have worked with have expressed enough satisfaction with me, making me proud to be a Bangladeshi.
  • In other words, in my 8 year Local SEO career, I have always studied this world, always worked with all the updates of google webmaster.
  • So that I can stay updated. In the world of local SEO, the value of the most updates is the highest, because this world is constantly updated. I always feel proud to be able to work without Google’s guidance.
  • 7 years ago today I started training some students with my career. So far I have trained about 20 Local SEO batch students. Many of the people I have trained are working as top rated freelancers in the fiver, Upwork marketplace.
  • I only work with Local SEO and I can proudly say that I am a Local SEO expert in Bangladesh. So far, I have completed about 500 SEO projects, all of which I have followed White Hat, and this is the Google Recommended Technique.
  • With this I have ranked many GMB profiles. And besides I have ranked my own GMB profile, if you search on Google Local SEO Expert then you will see my GMB profile in the top 3.

The importance of local SEO for business.

It is growing rapidly. Understanding the difference between local search engine optimization and traditional SEO is important. Local SEO is the process of improving your search engine ranking in local search results. While traditional SEO is the process of improving your position in the search engine results that are returned when someone performs a broad search, local SEO refers to a process of optimizing your site for search results for a particular city, town, or zip code. Local SEO is intended to boost the visibility of a website in local search results to increase the amount of organic traffic you will drive to your website. It is an effective form of SEO because it focuses on the geographic location of the target audience.

It’s important to note that while Local SEO is quite beneficial, it is more so for businesses that operate locally and on a physical address. This process can be repeated for all the main keywords to be targeted. I repeat the process for the main group of keywords. After this first stage, all the main keywords are already present in the document, and then write the same sentence with these keywords. We can call this “keyword stuffing.” The more we write about the same keyword, the more it will be indexed after the page is published. Keyword repeating can be used for improving our search engine rankings. The result of using the keyword phrase in the title, in the first paragraph, and the last paragraph.

My Client Say about Mamun Rahman

I just took a service for this company for my local business. They completed the task on time and that was awesome. They actually know what they have to do. I can say they are very professional and dedicated to satisfy their clients. I am 100% satisfied with their services and I wish their successful business carrier.
Rock Clay
I have done a project by this company. One of my friend praised about their professionalism and I then hired them for my local business. My business related with carpet cleaning service. After 3 to 6 months of their work, my client was started to increase and now I am full of clients as well as profit.
Stacy Mundello
I have been working on SEO for many years. Somehow, I got a project on Local SEO and as I am not expert on Local SEO, so I planned to hire a professional on this industry. I hired this Local SEO Expert Guide Company. I liked their professional attitude. From the very first, they took idea of every single issue, which I liked most. They were very much attentive to get idea about their project and they knocked me many times, as they had felt to know various matters about the project.
Peter Comn
Positive: Professionalism Nothing to say anything the way he is teaching it's really encouraging. Unfortunately it's online course that's why network got fumble sometimes. I'm sure if it's physical course it will be amazing. Thank you.
Benson Kamau

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If you have no idea about your local business then you can read my blog it will be much easier to manage your client