Affordable SEO Services for Small Business

Local EO service in bangladesh

Why take Affordable SEO Services for Small Business?

Local SEO Audit And Keyword Research​

Audit is a very important thing in local SEO because it gives you an idea of the current state of your site, such as the site’s structure, information content, technical SEO and backlink information, and can be planned accordingly.

GMB Listing and Review​

The most prominent of Google’s local ranking factors is Google Map listing or GMB listing. If your business is listed on Google Maps then you can get a very good ranking position in local search. In order to be listed on Google Map, you must create a business profile on Google and sort the profile with the appropriate information and verify with Google Post Card. Your Google business profile may also include your service area, service hours, special services, special hours and your work portfolio, etc.

Local Content Management

All of the above is part of your GMB or Google Map Ranking. Now let’s talk about the ranking of your web site.
At the moment Google says directly that content is king. Google first looks at the amount of information on a site because Google thinks that a customer will go to your site and get a lot of relevant information and Google wants. If the content quality of your site is bad then Google will never give you rank and you should hire a local SEO expert in Bangladesh to make your site content good quality and user friendly. I will manage the content of your site so that your site ranks.

On Page Optimization ​

In order to rank any site, you need to be very careful on-page optimization so that the structure of your site will be fine and Google will be able to understand what kind of content of your site and what keywords you will be ranked. The job of the on-page is to place your keywords in any place of your site, what will fit in the meta, moreover, there are some other things on the page such as position of the image, alter text, heading, sub-heading, place your keywords in the title. On-page ranking is a very big ranking factor in terms of ranking.

Local Citation​

Now we have to work with local citation. This is to include your business on different directory sites in the same location as your business. In this way, your site will be trusted by Google. Google prefers it very well. If you keep the same name, address, and phone information on your web site, listing on different sites will increase your site’s ranking and GMB profile rank.

Local SEO link building

If everything on your site is done properly, then only backlinks are needed because it is one of the biggest ranking factors. However, in the case of local sites, local back-linking is required. The only thing that matters is that Google has said bad quality backlinks but will never rank. And for this you must create local quality backlinks that match your site if you want rank in Google.

Monthly Reporting and Analyzing

Local SEO and Global SEO are both a long time job but when it comes to rankings a very good feedback comes.
And this is why Google says that if you do everything right on your site, it will rank. So those of us who work in this sector usually take 120 days, and we analyze the work very well and update it with time. However, we submit a report to the client about the rank of the site every month.

Your Attention

Now after reading everything, you may be wondering, if my business wants to rank on the first page of Google, how long will it take?
Let me tell you a little bit about the fact that Google has a lot of ranking factors, which Google gives ranking. Now I do not know the current state of your site, and to know this you need to audit your site, then it can be estimated.
Now if you say so I can do a free audit for your site. If you agree, please send me an e-mail.