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Why Do Your Business Marketing Rely On SEO?

local SEO service long island is currently the hottest marketing strategy because SEO marketing can get you to the targeted customer at the lowest cost. But one thing SEO is long term planning or long term marketing process, in this case the return on SEO will be better than other marketing policies. And this is why SEO is so popular in the world of digital marketing. Google is currently a trusted source because Google does a lot of checking before ranking a website such as site authority, site age, site’s referenced link (backlinks), all the necessary information if a site ranks on the first page of Google, Because Google wants a visitor to search Google and get accurate and perfect results. Due to Google’s so much filtering, the results that come to Google are very trusted and this is the reason why visitors take services or products from Google’s search results. This is why you need to SEO your web site.

There are generally two types of SEO

Global SEO

Global SEO is your worldwide service. Your service does not have a designated location; it is called a global SEO service. These can include SAS products, consultant services, digital products, etc.

Local SEO

Local SEO is the service you provide based on a specific area. For example, you may be a lawyer, a dentist, plumber, painter, electrician, roofer, GYM owner, etc.

local SEO service long island​ plays the most effective role in SEO.

About 75% of searches on Google are related to local SEO. There are two ranking sectors for local SEO, the number 1 is Google Map Pack or Google Three Pack.The result of Google Map Pack is based on the user’s location. By doing this, if someone searches near the location of your business, then your business ranks above all in Google Map Pack, then you will get clients. In this case, you don’t need a website to rank in Google Map Pack, just verify your business with a Google PIN.These are the results of Google Map Pack. Now let’s talk about Google Organic Results.

Google Organics is the website list that comes after the map results of Google search page. If you rank in organic results, if you search from other locations besides your business location, Google will rank in that you will get clients.

Why not take this service from others and take it from local SEO service long island​?

Now we will discuss why you should take our service when there are so many SEO agencies in the market.

Ranking Proof
Free Social Media Marketing
Low Cost
Refund Policy

First of all we have been able to rank our site according to all the rules given by Google, then your site and we will be able to rank according to all the rules on the first page of Google.

If you take SEO service from us then we will give you free social media marketing service with this service so that you can get clients before ranking your site.

We provide you with the lowest cost SEO services. Now you can tell why such a good service at a low price. Because we know what the initial struggle of a local business is like. Our team kept those words in mind and kept the price of local SEO services low.

We have experience in ranking at least 290 businesses on Google. Most of them are USA clients. They are all very happy with our work and have given us work again.

If we are not able to rank your business on the first page of Google within the stipulated time, we will continue to work until the ranking. We will not take that charge to rank the next time it takes.You can cancel the contract and refund at any time if you want. And if we fail to rank then you will get all the money refunded

Let's take a look at the long island SEO services

SEO Audit

In order for any site to work, SEO audit must be done first, whether it is local or global, because the next step is to audit the current state of a web site. We will provide you with an audit report before starting work on your web site.


Keyword Research

After we audit, we will select some nice keywords related to your business. We will use the Paid Tool to select the keyword. Because choosing the right keyword will rank your site very quickly.

GMB Listing and review

If your business is under local SEO then the most important thing for you is to set up GMB (Google my Business). However, Google recently changed the name of their service to GBF (Google business profile). After setting up Google My Business, we will try to collect some reviews. This will improve the rank.

Content Management

We will optimize the previous content of your site and make it SEO friendly so that the ranking improves. If the content of your site is not SEO friendly or informative then your site will never rank, Google has directly stated that content is king, Because Google wants a site to have proper info so that a user does not have to search for another info on another page.

On-page optimization

This is where the SEO work of the website starts. On-page is the first step of SEO. Here, the internal optimization of the site is basically done. Through the on-page, the title of the site is optimized with keywords. In addition to the title, the length and keyword placement of the content in the distribution of the page has to be done.

Basic backlinks

At the end of the on-page optimization of the site, the basic backlink has to be done. This link basically strengthens the base of the site and starts to improve the ranking. Basic link building such as profile link, web 2.0 etc. is done to start site improvement.

Advance Link Building

We will wait a few days at the end of the basic link building.Then we will start building the Advanced link again from where the site’s rank improv will end. Adbanch basically means guest post outreach link etc.

Tracking and Reporting 

At the end of on-page SEO, when we do off-page SEO, we will record and analyze everything along with it, so that we can give an SEO report at the end of the month. For this tracking we will use Google Search Console and Google Analytics which is a free service of Google.


We think that every client can take a free trial service before taking the service from us. By doing this we think you can get an idea about our service, for this we provide each client with a free SEO audit service costing 200$.Our service is starting 500 $ .Free audit and mail to know more about our service.